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Get Wrecked In San Diego, California
Welcome to Wreck Alley!

Current Dive Conditions as of 05/31/16:
Wreck Alley, San Diego CA - 58°F with 40 ft. Visibility

The West Coast has one of the greatest training grounds for wreck divers in the United States. Dive Wreck Alley with the wreck diving professionals at the Academy of Scuba.

Introducing Wreck Alley
Wreck Alley is an artificial reef approximately one mile off the San Diego coast near Mission Bay. There are a number of wrecks (large and small) near San Diego, however there are six wrecks that highlight Wreck Alley dives. The flagship wreck dive is the Yukon.

San Diego Dive Boat Operators and the San Diego Oceans Foundation keep the sites buoyed so divers have descent/ascent lines to easily find the wrecks and also to use for their safety stops after their dive.

Wreck Alley affords us the ability to dive and learn basic to advanced level wreck diving techniques in our back yard. Wake up in the morning and spend the day learning the ropes from the very best.

Classroom sessions are done either at the Scuba Training Facility in Phoenix Arizona, or at the conference center in Mission Bay Marina. For your dives, you will be venturing off to the classic wrecks like the Canadian Destroyer HMCS Yukon, the Coast Guard Cutter Ruby E, and the World War II Aircraft the P-38.

About the HMCS Yukon
The Yukon, a 366' Canadian Destroyer, is California’s most popular wreck. What makes the Yukon different is that it is completely intact. There is ample opportunity to dive the Yukon over and over again and always have a unique experience. The Yukon is a great wreck experience and a training ground that is without compare. [ More Information ]

About the Ruby E
Dive Wreck Alley with Academy of ScubaThe Ruby E is a 165' former Coast Guard Cutter. The wreck is in great condition and is almost completely covered with anemones and marine encrustations. The Ruby E has been sitting in Wreck Alley since 1989. Even after all this time, and while the sides of the superstructure and hull are getting thin, the wreck remains relatively intact. A favorite dive for most Wreck Alley Divers. [ More Information ]

About the El Rey
On April 2, 1987, the El Rey was towed to the mission beach. Before a large crowd, a U.S. Navy Demolition Team attached explosives to her hull and with great fanfare detonated them. The El Rey quickly and quietly slid below the surface and began her new life as an artificial reef. Being a kelp cutter, the El Rey offers divers a unique experience for a non-traditional wreck dive. [ More Information ]

About the NOSC Tower
The only true wreck in Wreck Alley, the NOSC tower is an old Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) tower dedicated to oceanic research. Now it sits in 60 feet of water and has sprouted an underwater ecosystem as an artificial reef. [ More Information ]

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